Single pendent with wood rose housing Led drive.

Length of flex can be varied by coiling excess in rose.

Colour of disc can be changed.

Various flex colours available.

Selection of disc styles.

LED 3 watt (400 lumen) or 5 watt (580 lumen) light output.






Single pendent

Single pendent with shade.

Single pendent with printed shade. Change the shade by simply lifting it off tilting and dropping it away. Then drop on a different one ,takes seconds. Large selection of colours styles and shapes. Colours can be done to order.

Movable pendents.

As above but with matching hook for freedom of positioning. 

Single movable pendent.

Movable pendent with blades.

Pendent disc can be fitted with clip on blades to give a more interesting shape. Several styles of blades available.

Multiple pendents.

Up to four pendents can be run from a ceiling rose giving total flexibility with three meters of flex per individual head.

Pendent with shade and up light.

Pendents can be fitted with up light to create interesting effects in various colours and patterns.

Designed ceiling roses.